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  • Q1 How can I select my phone's language?

    A mobile phone has two language settings:
    Phone language: the language used for texts displayed on your phone
    Input language: the language used by the dictionary for predictive text input
    Both are usually accessible from the Settings menu, under Phone Settings or General Settings. Model-specific instructions for setting your language preferences are available in your user guide.
    Please note:
    • The languages available in your phone are built in.
    • If you select Automatic, the phone selects the language according to the information on your SIM card.

  • Q2 If the phone is pre-set in a foreign language by any reason that I cannot read, how can I switch the language into my local language?

    In this case, you can perform the switch in engineering mode by inputting “*#country code #”, then press “talk” key. Please be noted that the country code here you input should be four figures. If the code is less than 4 figures, add “0” at the beginning. For example, inputting *#0086# can switched into simple Chinese (China code 86), *#0044# is into British English (GB code 44) and *#0033# is into French (France code 33) etc..
    If the required language is not built in your phone, this way does not work.