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  • Q1 What is One Touch Upgrade?

    One Touch Upgrade is a system composed of several servers and applications that allows any end user to upgrade his/her ALCATEL ONE TOUCH mobile phone software from his/her local side with personal computer. 

  • Q2 When should I use One Touch Upgrade?

    If you consider your phone has an occasional or recurrent failure, you can use One Touch Upgrade. 

  • Q3 How should I use One Touch Upgrade?

    Please download One Touch Upgrade from our website and install it on your computer. After start the program, you can update the software of your mobile phone step by step, following the built-in user guide of One Touch Upgrade.

    Please be noted that One Touch Upgrade software requires internet access and connection between mobile phone and PC by data cable.

  • Q4 What will happen after I use One Touch Upgrade?

    The software of your mobile phone will be updated to the latest version. All your personal information will be lost after the update process, so we suggest you backup your personal data by PC Suite before using the upgrade.

  • Q5 Why couldn’t my phone connect to PC when I try to use One Touch Upgrade?

    If your phone fails to connect to PC, you might have a problem with your USB driver installation or you might have an anti-virus or security tool preventing you from accessing your USB port.
    To allow proper communication between your computer and your mobile phone, you should make sure that the Alcatel mobile phone USB driver has been installed successfully.

    If the automatic installation of USB driver does not process smoothly, you can install the driver manually according to the following steps, or choose to view the guide for how to install Alcatel handset USB driver.

    When the driver is installed, Operation System may show a message “Digital Signature Not Found” or “Has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with this version of Windows”. Please select “Yes” or “Continue Anyway” to complete the installation.

    When the installation is finished, you can check “Device Manager” (accessible on Windows XP from ‘Start->Control Panel->System’, then in the ‘Hardware’ tab, click on the ‘Device Manager’ button) to validate if the driver has been installed successfully. You can also reinstall the driver of the device.

    If your PC still can not recognize the phone after you install the USB driver, you need to reinsert the USB cable and select “COM Port” on your phone, then install the USB driver again.

  • Q6 Why does the One Touch Upgrade tool display internet connection error?

    Internet connection failure means at least one of the communication ports is blocked by a firewall, proxy, anti-virus or other security tools.

    In order to access the One Touch Upgrade service, the one touch upgrade tool needs to set up connection to our servers on the following two communication ports:



    The used protocol doesn’t support proxy. If you have a proxy, please configure it in order to allow direct connection on these previously listed ports.

  • Q7 How can I solve the network issues of One Touch Upgrade?

    The following section provides steps to solve network issues.
    Step 1. Check your network connection.
    The first step is to make sure that your Internet connection is working. Whether you are using a cable connection or WIFI, it is necessary that you are able to access Internet. For example, the following snapshot shows that the network connectivity is limited, which means you are connected to a local network but you are not able to access Internet.

    You can open a web page that you have never opened before in order to force your Internet browser to effectively establish a connection with Internet.
    Step 2. Check your Firewall/Antivirus/Security tools
    If you are using your personal computer, you should know that some vendors may have preinstalled some security tools like anti-virus and/or firewall. You may also have installed them by yourself. Please make sure that these tools will not prevent the One Touch Upgrade application from accessing Internet.
    Please check the logs or reports of these tools whether some alerts are registered. If such alerts exist, please read the manual of this tool in order to configure it and allow the software upgrade application to access Internet.
    Step 3. Check your WIFI or home Router
    If you are using WIFI at home then it is likely that you have a router. Normally, your router can be the box (or modem) provided by your Internet Service Provider. Or you may have also bought your own router and installed it in your home.
    Whatever the case, you need to check that the router doesn’t contain a firewall or proxy that prevents your computer accessing the One Touch Upgrade service.
    Please carefully read the user guide of your router to check the current firewall configuration. Some router may have a wizard to help user configure the basic settings. Firewall settings are usually found in advanced settings that may not be managed by the wizard. So you may have to disable the wizard and/or force the use of advanced or expert mode.
    The target is to open the ports listed in the ‘Network Port’ section on your firewall.
    Step 4. Check whether you are using the latest version of One Touch Upgrade
    We suggest you check our website for latest version of One Touch Upgrade tool periodically. Please make sure that the previous version is uninstalled completely before installing the latest version.

  • Q8 What should I do if the One Touch Upgrade fails during software upgrade process?

    If One Touch Upgrade fails during software upgrade process, please perform the following steps:
    • Make sure that your battery is fully charged. If not, please change another fully charged battery. If you do not have another fully charged battery, please go to an Alcatel Repair Center for help.
    • Make sure that your internet connection is stable.
    • Upgrade your mobile phone’s software again by One Touch Upgrade.
    If the problem persists, please contact the Alcatel Contact Center according to the country you are located.

  • Q9 Why couldn’t I switch on the phone after using One Touch Upgrade?

    It might take longer time than normal to switch on the phone after using One Touch Upgrade. Please long press the switch on key to check again.
    If it still doesn’t work, please take off the battery, then insert it to check again.
    If the problem persists, please try to upgrade your mobile phone’s software by One Touch Upgrade again.
    If you still can not switch on the phone, please contact the Alcatel Contact Center according to the country you are located.

  • Q10 Why couldn’t my PC detect handset after One Touch Upgrade Q version (OUT Q) is successfully installed on PC?

    Please power on your phone, connect it to your PC and check whether the driver is on “Device Manager” by accessing to “My computer” ->”Properties” -> “Hardware” -> “Device Manager”



    If you can find “Alcatel Composite ADB interface MI01” only, not “ALCAEL HS-USB Android DIAG 9018”, please refer to the following steps to solve it.

    Step1. We take OTUQ1.9.0 for example. Please uninstall all OTUQ applications by clicking “Start” at the left bottom of your PC -> “Programs” -> “One Touch Upgrade Q1.9.0” -> “Uninstall One Touch Upgrade Q1.9.0”


    Step2. Please make sure the handset is fully charged and power on, then connect handset to PC with USB cable.

    Step3. Uninstall ADB driver by clicking it in “Device Manager” -> “Uninstall” -> OK


    Step4. Remove the handset from PC;
    Step5. Restart the computer;
    Step6. Install OTUQ1.9.0 or higher version OTUQ again.
    Step7. Connect the handset (fully charged) to PC under power on mode;
    PC will automatically scan the driver. If the driver has been installed successfully, “Device Manager” will indicate “Alcatel HS-USB Android DIAG 9018” in “Ports” like the picture as below; If PC prompts you to install ADB driver, please ignore it as what OTUQ needs is “Alcatel HS-USB Android DIAG 9018”, not ADB driver. Then you can run OUT Q now.


    Step8. If you can’t find “Alcatel HS-USB Android DIAG 9018” in “Device manager”, please install the driver according to the following steps manually;

    Step9. Connect your phone to PC under power on mode, PC will pop up “Hardware Update Wizard” as below picture, please select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and click “Next”;


    Step10. According to your PC operating system, select the driver from the location: “C:\One Touch Upgrade Q 1.9.0\usb_driver\installdriver”.



    Step11. If the system pop-up below message, it means the driver has been installed successfully. OTUQ can be run now.