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Phone reset


  • Q1 What is reset of mobile phone?

    RESET is to set your mobile phone into the state as when it comes out from factory. Please be noted that after phone reset all personal data added by the user will be lost (except SIM card), which includes: pictures, audio, video, downloaded applications and games, products directory data and WAP bookmark etc. 

  • Q2 When should I use reset?

    When the mobile can not be switched on/ switched off by power key, or switch off automatically, and the failure is not related to battery, please try to reset your mobile.
    Please back up all the useful information or it will be deleted after phone reset.
    If the failure persists, please contact Alcatel Contact Center according to the country you are located. Please check the following link:

  • Q3 How should I perform reset?

    Long press “# key” and “power on key” at the same time in power off mode, then you will be asked “All data will be lost, continue?” After you select “Yes,” the sequence will be entered with reminder “Formatting flash, please wait.” The phone will auto switch on when reset finishes. Please do not manipulate the phone or remove the battery during this process.
    NOTES: For OT-Mini (OT-708) specifically, due to the touch panel design, reset can be performed only by long pressing “upper side key” and “power on key” at the same time.