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  • Q1 How can I attach attachment into MMS?

    The maximum message size of ONE TOUCH 960C is 500KB. You can attach any attachment within this size with the following steps:
    Compose new message ->touch “Menu” key ->“Attach”  ->select the file which you want to attach.
    You can also attach more than one attachment with the following below steps, but the total size of these attachments should be within 500KB.
    Compose new message  -> touch “Menu” key ->“Attach”  ->“Slideshow”  ->“Slide 1”  ->“Add picture” -> select the file which you want to attach  -> touch “Menu” key  ->“Add slide”  -> “Add picture”  ->repeat if you need to attach more attachments.
    You can also add music as attachment if you press “Add music” instead of “Add slide”.

  • Q2 Why couldn’t I see the SD card on PC?

    1. Please make sure your SD card is undamaged and can be recognized by your handset.
    2. Please make sure the right USB cable for ONE TOUCH 960C is used.
    3. When you connect the handset to PC, you’ll get the notification of “USB connected”. Please press “Turn on USB storage”, and then you can access your SD card on PC.

  • Q3 Why does my phone screen become black when I end a call?

    ONE TOUCH 960C has a proximity sensor. With this sensor, the LCD backlight will turn off automatically when the phone closes to your skin and will light on again when the phone is apart. This design can help to save power consumption.
    If there is some dirt on proximity sensor lens, the proximity sensor might not work normally and your phone screen might become black and couldn’t response even if you press any key after ending a call. In this case, please clean the surface of proximity sensor lens and re-power on the phone (sometimes you might need to remove the battery first).
    It is suggested to keep your proximity sensor lens always clean during your daily using. Proximity sensor’s position is as below for your reference: