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  • 1 Email
    1.1 Configure Account

    For this we have two options, such as Exchange account or POP3.

    If the Mail application on our Android device supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts set up the account can from that option to receive push notifications. So we must put this into the Exchange option: Setup (Exchange)

    Domain \ user name: We introduce our name

    Password: password introduce


    Use secure connection (SSL): Enabled

    Accept all SSL certificates: Off



    Once we entered the data and to set up sync, choosing which check for new mail automatically (push notifications), synchronization of calendar and contacts Outlook account with our device, etc ...

    If your device does not have support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts set up our own touch us as POP3. So we must put our username, password and give next or manual configuration, select POP3 and enter these following data: Settings (POP3)

    Username: We introduce our name

    Password: password introduce

    POP3 Server:

    Port: 995

    Security Type: SSL / TLS (Accept all certif.) Or SSL (Accept all certif.)

    SMTP Server:

    Port: 587

    Security Type: None

    Request log: Off



    If you want to be removed from the server we deleted emails from the Android application we have to tell in the "Delete email from server" and actually being deleted we have to open the web and go Settings> Manage your Account> POP and deleting downloaded messages and select "Do what you indicate the other program: if it indicates that messages are removed, remove them."




    After entering this data only have to finish setting up the account by adjusting the timing, notifications and how often we want to check for new mail. With POP3 option will not have real-time notifications.


    1.2 Setup personal Email on Smartphone

    1.-To setup your personal email; access the Email application.
    2.-Select Others.
    3.-Type your full email address and password; your phone should automatically create settings.
    4.-If manually entering settings select POP3 or IMAP4 based off your email providers settings; you will then be promted to enter server settings.
    5.-Type a name for your account and your name (this name will be displayed for outgoing email).