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  • Q1 What is One Touch Mail and what is the difference between Email in menu and One Touch Mail in the Java application?

    The One Touch Mail Push Mail messaging service notifies you with a specific sound and a message on your screen as soon as a new email arrives. Even when the application is in idle or in standby mode, the email messaging service on your mobile device is still available.
    The difference between E-mail and One Touch Mail is the PUSH function.
    With One Touch Mail, when an email arrives and your device is in Push Mode OFF, the application will wake up and notify you that a new mail has arrived. If the Push Mode is "Off", the application will check with the server based on the intervals you set.
    With Email in menu, all mails remain on the mail server until the recipient uses the Email program to poll the mail server.

  • Q2 Why does my PC display a warning message of ‘Power Surge On Hub Port’ when I install/connect the modem?

    The warning message (as below snapshot) means the power supply from PC to modem via USB connector is insufficient, which is caused by the instability of old version PC main board or laptop.


    We suggest you use a Y-USB-Cable to connect your PC and modem, if you meet this kind of problem. It will be appreciated if you can send us the brand and model of your PC from the following website:



  • Q3 Can I upgrade my modem so that it can be used in Windows7?

    Our new products including Model OT-X070/X205/X210 are compatible with Windows7.
    OT-X200 and OT-X060 can also be compatible with Windows7 if you install the data card Windows7 driver on you computer. Please download the driver from below website:
    Please be noted that the installation of driver only updates the driver on PC without any software updated for your modem. You need to install the driver on the Windows7 computer which you are using with the modem

  • Q4 Where can I get the USB driver for my modem?

    Normally, your PC can recognize and install the USB driver automatically.
    Windows systems will create files for related USB driver under below location on your PC when you complete the installation of Dashboard:
    C:\Program Files\HSPA USB MODEM\Driver.
    Similar method is available for Mac PC. Please check the following Driver Path snapshot for your reference.

    OT-X200 and OT-X060 are not compatible with Windows7 with the original driver. We provide a driver to solve this problem. Please download the driver from below website:
    If you are using the modem with Linux PC, please write to us directly if you have any questions/ requests.

  • Q5 Why is there no battery charging icon indicated on my phone when I plug it to the charger?

    Once the battery isn't used for a long time, it is probably that the battery had been over discharged. In this case, the phone would have no charging indicator when you plug it to the the charger. It doesn't necessarily mean the battery is broken. You can charge it for at least 10-30 minutes and see if there is anything changes. If you still reproduce the same symptom, the battery may be really failed, please send it to our repair center. You can find the contact information of our repair centers on the below website:

  • Q6 What is a PIN2 code?

    Your phone's default PIN2 code is provided by service provider, you can change phone code by yourself.
    PIN2 code acts as a second layer of protection for certain features of your phone. It functions in the same way as the PIN code.

  • Q7 What is a PUK code?

    PUK (personal unblock key) code is provided by service provider, and cannot be changed. PUK code is used to unblock your cell phone in case you entered the wrong PIN code three times. PUK code is an eight digit code, if it is entered incorrectly over certain times, you need contact with your service provider to change your SIM card.

  • Q8 What is a PUK2 code?

    PUK2 code is provided by service provider, and cannot be changed.
    PUK2 code is requested when you enter the PIN2 code incorrectly several times. If it is entered incorrectly over certain times, you need contact with your service provider to change your SIM card.

  • Q9 What is Network Key, Reset Key?

    Network Key is from your service provider. It usually appears when you want to change the service provider company. Don't try to input it if you don't know the right Network Key, please contact service provider and ask them to help you with it.
    For some service provider, if you had input wrong Network Key above certain times, your phone will be SIM locked, your phone screen will show 'SIM card locked! Please contact operator! Reset key?' If you saw these words, it means even you insert available operator's SIM card, you can't use your phone normally. Please contact your phone service provider and ask them to help you with it.


  • Q10 I can't make outgoing call, I can't receive incoming call.

    It maybe problem of the phone, network, or your settings, Please perform the following checks:
    1. Make sure you have dialed a valid number and press the pick up call key.
    2. Make sure your mobile phone is connected to a network, and that the network is not overloaded or unavailable.
    3. Check your subscription's status with your service provider.
    If the problem persists, please try the following steps:
    1. Check if you had activated call barring. 'Call barring' means you had barred some out-going call (All calls, All calls except those in SIM contacts, International calls, International except home) or incoming call (All calls, All calls except those in SIM contacts, Roaming). If you had activated, please cancel it.
    2. Check if you had activated flight mode. 'Flight mode' means you had disconnected with service provider, and you will not be able to make out-going call and can't receive call. If you had activated, please cancel it.
    3. Check if you had activated 'call forwarding'. It is possible that your incoming calls will be forwarded directly to your voicemail or other phone. If you had activated, please cancel it.
    If the problem still can't be solved, please bring your phone to an Alcatel Care point for inspection, or call the Alcatel Contact Center correspondingly in the country you are located.