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  • Q1 Why the touch screen sometimes not sensitive as before?

    The phone with touch screen function may be insensitive after using for some time. In this case please calibrate the touch screen by the following two methods: 
    1. Long press the volume down key and Home key at the same time? 
    2. Enter into application list and choose TSCalibration.

  • Q2 How can I forward or copy a message?

    Please long press the message and then a list of options will appear on the screen. You can choose the option by touching it. 

  • Q3 Why couldn’t I connect to Internet successfully and why couldn’t I download files from Internet?

    Please check whether your GPRS connection is working well.
    Please check whether your phone memory is full. If yes, please delete some files and restart your phone to check again.
    The webpage may contain much content and the mobile phone cannot support to display too much content in one page. Please try to enter another webpage.
    If the problem persists, please contact an Alcatel repair center for help. You can check the contact information from Alcatel website:

  • Q4 How can I find the lately used programs?

    Please long press home key and the latest used programs will be displayed on the screen.

  • Q5 How can I set my incoming call ringtone?

    Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Sound & display” -> “Phone ringtone” -> Select the ringtone you want to set.
    You can also go to main menu -> “File Manager” -> find the mp3 file which you want to set as your incoming call ringtone -> press “menu” -> “Use as ringtone”.

  • Q6 How can I forward incoming call to another phone?
    Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Call settings” -> “Call forwarding” -> “Always forward” -> Input the phone number which you want to forward to and enable it.


  • Q7 How can I reduce flow for web browsing?

    Please go to main menu -> “Browser” -> Press “menu” key -> “More” -> “Settings” -> Cancel “Load images”, then the images will not display when you browse internet.

  • Q8 How can I connect to Wi-Fi?

    Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Wireless & networks” -> Turn on “Wi-Fi” -> Press “Wi-Fi settings” -> Select “Network notification” -> press “menu” key -> “Scan” -> The available Wi-Fi networks will be listed. Press the network which you want to connect, If the connection is successful, the Wi-Fi icon will be shown on the top of the status bar, near the antenna signal icon.

    Please be noted that the Wi-Fi function could be failed if static IP is activated. You can deactivate “Use static IP” by pressing “Menu” key at home screen ->"Settings” ->"Wireless & networks”->Turn on “Wi-Fi” ->Press “Wi-Fi settings” -> press menu key -> “Advanced” -> deactivate “Use static IP”. 

  • Q9 How can I transfer files by Bluetooth?

    Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Wireless & networks” -> Turn on “Bluetooth”. Then please go to main menu -> “File Manager” -> Long press the file which you want to send via Bluetooth -> “Share” -> “Bluetooth” -> Select a device, then the file will be transferred.

  • Q10 Why doesn’t my earphone work properly?

    Alcatel Android phones have refined design in earphone connector which can only be compatible with the original earphone. Please use the original earphone. 

  • Q11 Why couldn’t I see the SD card on PC?

    1. Please make sure your SD card is undamaged and can be recognized by your handset.
    2. Please make sure the right USB cable for OT-890 is used.
    3. When you connect the handset to PC, you’ll get the notification of “USB connected”. choose “Mount”, then you can access your SD card on PC.

  • Q12 How should I stop the connection between SD card and PC?

    If you want to stop the connection between SD card and PC, please click the status bar on home screen and drag it down, then click “Turn off USB storage” before you extract the USB cable from your handset or PC.

  • Q13 How can I change the Input Method?

    Please make sure that you have those input methods installed in your phone and they were chosen by “Settings” -> “Language & keyboard”, then long press the blank area where you want to type in, click Input method on the popup window, and then you can select the input method that you want.

  • Q14 How can I add/move/delete the application on the home screen?

    You can add/move the applications on home screen in the following two ways: 1. Press menu key at home screen, click “Add”, then choose items: Shortcuts / Widgets/ Folders/ Wallpapers, then click the application which you want to add on the home screen. 2. Press the application icon for about 2 seconds, the icon will then be displayed and moved on home screen as your finger moves. If you want to delete the application on the home screen, please press the application icon on home screen for about 2 seconds, the icon will then become bigger and a trash can icon will appear in the bottom of home screen. The application will be deleted from the home screen if you drag the application icon to the trash can.

  • Q15 Why couldn’t I see my contacts in the SIM card?

    The contacts in the SIM card should be imported to handset before you use them. Please press Menu key when you get in the contacts interface, then choose “Import/Export” -> “Import from SIM card”. You can also choose “Import from SD card” if you have vCard saved in your SD card.

  • Q16 Can I use the phone without an SD card?

    Yes, the phone can be used without inserting an SD card. But the SD card is mandatory for some applications, such as camera, camcorder and downloading files from internet. We suggest you have an SD card, so that you can fully use all the functions.

  • Q17 How can I install programs like tools and games?

    APK (Android Package) file is the installation file for Android phone, which can be downloaded from Google Market or other websites. Please copy APK files to the SD card and use the built-in Filemanager program to open them, then follow the setup wizard to finish the installation. Please be noted that the third-party APK files downloaded from other websites except Google Market are not allowed to be installed by default due to security reason. You can change the setting by the following method: “Setting” ->“Applications”, then choose “Unknown sources” option.

  • Q18 How can I uninstall the programs?

    The built-in programs in the handset are not allowed to be uninstalled. You can only uninstall the applications installed by yourself. Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Applications” -> “Manage applications”, then you can see the applications installed by yourself. Please click the one that you want to uninstall and then follow the uninstall process.

  • Q19 Why is there no display when I click Map or other GPS program?
    The phone requires around 5 minutes to access the GPS satellite and get the best positioning when you use the GPS for the first time. A better and quicker positioning requires to be stable in a place with clear view of the sky. The GPS will need around 20-40s to get the best positioning after the first time.


  • Q20 How can I close Wi-Fi when the screen turns off?

    Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Wireless & networks” -> “Wi-Fi settings” -> Press “menu” key -> “Advanced”. Press “Wi-Fi sleep policy” -> Select “When screen turns off” the the Wi-Fi function will be sleep when the screen turns off. Please do not choose “Never” because the battery will be used up very soon.

  • Q21 How can I set the unlock pattern?
    Please press “menu” key at home screen -> “Settings” -> “Location & security” -> “Set unlock pattern” -> “Next”. An example of unlock pattern will appear on the screen show you how to do. Click “Next” to continue. Then draw an unlock pattern as you want and memorize it. Click “continue”. Draw the pattern again to confirm. Click “confirm”. And the pattern has become the unlock pattern for your phone.


  • Q22 I forget the screen unlock pattern. How can I unlock the screen now?

    If you forget the screen unlock pattern, please make user data reset in the following way: Turn off the handset, then press the volume up key and the End key at the same time for a few seconds until you see the reset interface. The handset can be used without screen unlock pattern after it’s rebooted. Please be noted that factory reset will erase all data from your phone (not include SD card files and current system software). Please back up all useful information before reset.

  • Q23 Why couldn’t I get the location fixed by GPS suddenly?

    If your moving speed is around 8-10km/h, you will not get a location fixed by GPS. Please reduce the speed or have a stop for 20-30 seconds, then you can get the location fixed.

  • Q24 Why isn’t Gtalk connected and why couldn’t I download application on Android Market using Wi-Fi?

    Please check that your Wi-Fi router or firewall is not blocking pot 5228(TCP and UDP). You can read the user guide of your Wi-Fi equipment or contact your IT for more details.

  • Q25 Why is there a notification of connection error or certificates error when I use mail or Face book/Twitter/Opera mini?
    If the time or time zone is not correctly set, the phone might have connection error or certificates error during the above applications. Please set your handset’s time to the right local time including time zone, date and time.


  • Q26 Which kind of video/picture I can watch on my phone? Which kind of music I can play?

    The phone supports video types: H.263, MPEG4 and H.264. Picture types: BMP, JPEG, GIF, png. Music types: AAC, AAC+, AAC Enhanced, WB AMR, MP3, Midi.

  • Q27 Why does my phone screen become black during call?

    Actually your phone is at power saving mode. You can press Home key to activate phone screen during call.

  • Q28 Why does my battery run out so fast?

     Firstly, if your phone is in a region with weak 3G signal, we suggest you select “Use only 2G network” to prevent your mobile always switching between 2G and 3G network. You can press menu key from home screen-> "Settings”-> “Wireless & networks” -> “Mobile networks” ->“GSM/UMTS Options” -> Select “Use only 2G networks” to save battery.


    Secondly, please close some applications which are not used in background.

    You can press menu key Setting -> “Applications” -> “Running services” -> select idle programs that you are not using.



    Thirdly, you can adjust screen brightness to save battery.

    You can press menu key from home screen -> “Settings” -> “Display” -> “Brightness”.


    Fourthly, please deactivate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.

    You can press menu key from home screen -> “Settings” -> deactivate “Wireless & networks”/”Bluetooth”


    Fifthly, you can disable “Background data” to save battery.

    You can press menu key from home screen -> “Settings” ->disable “Accounts & sync” 


  • Q29 How can I set my own MP3 files as SMS ringtone?

    Please go to menu-->"File manager"-->press “Menu” key -->"New folder"-->input "Notifications" as the folder name-->OK-->Copy the MP3 files to this new folder "Notifications";
    Then go to menu-->"Messaging"-->press "Menu" key--> “Settings"-->"Select ringtone"-->you will find your MP3 files here, please select one--OK.

  • Q30 Could I un-mount the SD card when the phone is power on?

    Please note that you need to power off your phone before you un-mount SD card, which will prevent corrupting or damaging the files in SD card.

  • Q31 Why couldn’t I power on my phone with low battery when the phone is being charged?
    Your phone can’t power on until the voltage reaches to certain value when the phone is being charged. Please wait for a moment to power on your phone. 


  • Q32 Why couldn’t my phone detect SDHC Card?

    Firstly please make sure your SDHC card is not damaged or scratched and has been correctly inserted. Secondly please note that your phone only supports some kinds of SDHC card except UHS-I, UHS-II or above cards. You can follow below table to check the mark. If the mark on your SD card is in below table, it means the card can’t be used in your phone. For more detail, please contact your SDHC card supplier.

  • Q33 Why does my Android phone become warm?

    The phone will become warm following prolonged calls, game playing, internet surfing or running other complex applications. This heating is a normal consequence of the CPU handling excessive data. Ending above actions will make your phone return to normal temperature.

  • Q34 Where can I download source code for my phone?

    Please feel free to download source code for your phone from the following website: